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Car Insurance Claim

A car insurance claim is a process wherein an insured asks the car insurance company to compensate him/her for the damages that are sustained by his/her car after an accident. Or at times, it is when the insured asks the insurance company to represent him/her or intervene on his/her behalf when the insured is responsible for any unintentional damages caused to a third-party. Since one pays car insurance premium, it is one’s right to make a claim when he/she is involved in an accident.

Types of Insurance Claims Processes

  • Cash Less Claims
  • Reimbursement Claims

Why Automovill for Insurance Claims?

Insurance Claims
Company Owned Company Operated Workshops across India
24/7 Service Assistance
Partnered with All Major Car Insurance Service Providers for Cash Less Claims
Complete Waiver of processing amount for customers-Compulsory deductible charges *(Above invoice value of Rs 35K)
Free Door-Step inspection on every insurance claim
2 Years of warranty on paint
Free Car Service to all Insurance Claim Customers *(upto Rs 999)
Free 6 Months Warranty on Every Service
Free Pick Up and Drop
Discount on Non Insurance Covered Parts
Track Record of Delivering insurance Cars in less than 10 days *(Subject to Approval)

Documents Required For Car Insurance Claims

Claim Form Signed by the insured of the respective insurance company

Copy of RC of the vehicle

Copy of Driving License

Policy Document

Original FIR copy in case of Theft

Photocopies of the PAN card, driving license, and registration certificates of the insured

Note - If you have all the above documents Call us at 7353600400 or Email us at info@automovill.com

Do I claim Now ? or Get my work done without Claims

Claim Insurance Now

Automovill Claims Expertise team will help you weather to go for claim now later post evaluating your car either Physical Inspection or Remotely through sharing of your car Photographs.

Call us at 7353600400 or Email us at info@automovill.com

Get my work done without Claim

Avoid claiming for minor scratches and dents to safeguard the NCB discount on your renewal as it can significantly reduce the premium.

We at Automovill can get the work done at 60% less than the Authorized Workshop with out Compromising on Quality ( Right from Usage of OEM/OES spare parts to Providing 2 years Warranty of Paint and Free 6 Months warranty on Service)

How Insurance Claims Works

Damaged your car in an accident?

Call Automovill Claims Team at 7353600400 or Email us at info@automovill.com

Our Claims team will analyze the case over the Phone call and schedules Pick up of your car post Evaluating

Relax , Our Team will get it repaired with the least possible time without compromising on Quality

Repairs and Claims specialist coordinates with your insurance company for claims filing and settlement

Post Service your cars undergoes a complete and comprehensive Quality check Process

Car is Delivered at your Door Step

Claim Settlement Process for Cash Less

Post surveyor receives all the relevant documents and finds them in order, the order to work on the damaged car is given to the Automovill

The surveyor will conduct a re-survey after the completion of repair process at the Automovill workshops.

The Delivery Order is issued by the insurance provider after receiving the repairs invoice from the Automovill

The Automovill workshop is allowed to release the repaired vehicle after collecting the duly-signed "Satisfaction Voucher"from the policyholde

Claim Settlement for Reimbursement Claims

Once the Insured car is met with an accident or Damaged , request you to please report to the concerned insurance company and get the damage inspected by the appointed surveyor in usually within 48 hours of the accident as this is Mandatory

Once at Automovill the Insured car is repaired , Insured can claim for Reimbursement by Submitting the original invoice for repairs, as provided by the garage, and Payment Receipt to the insurance provider.

Post Verifying all the submitted documents by the insurance company and after approval , The money is reimbursed to insured account