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Car Service in Patna

Now hassle-free and reliable car service in Patna right at your doorstep. Automovill care for your car the way you do. And we provide best car service with skilled technicians, auto-experts, and use automated tools and machinery.

General Health Check up ₹999.0*
Battery - Check (Jump start if required)
Coolant - Top up upto 500ml
Brake Oil - Top up upto 100ml
Wiper Fluid - Top up
Air Filter - Clean
AC Filter - Clean
Brakes - Check
Spark Plugs - Clean
Radiator Fan - Check
Engine Oil - Check
Lights/Indicators - Check
Horn - Check
Tyre Air Pressure - Check
General Health Checkup
Other Services
Brake Issues
Suspension Issue
Clutch Issue
Steering Issue
Axel Issue
Noise Issue
Leakage Issue
Rat-bite Damage Issue
others services

How Does it Work - Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customer can Avail 2 free Jump start within 6 Months or 5000 kms

Yes, we do Top-Up of Coolant Upto 500Ml and Brake oil Upto 100ML

Yes. We do scanning for free! (for our Automovill Customers).

Immediately we notify the customer about the issue’s in detail of repair needed

All the mentioned changes in the website/app are GST-inclusive. For any additional work or cost, we shall notify you for your consent before proceeding with that work.

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Best quality & Service Warranty
Best quality & Service Warranty
Best quality & Service Warranty