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We hope you have a great experience with the service provided by AUTOMOVILL and find it a meaningful use of your precious time. While using our site, you will have to be in agreement with the below mentioned terms and conditions. This is a legal document between you and AUTOMOVILL.

We request our users to view the site regularly for the terms and conditions as these may change with time, which will be updated on the website

  • AUTOMOVILL connects its users with the right service providers, and does not cover any warranty or guarantee of service provided by our listed partners
  • AUTOMOVILL provides the users with a platform to write reviews, but under no circumstances, will be held responsible for the content posted by the users. Our technical team will not 'pre-screen' every content posted by the users. However, AUTOMOVILL holds the right to delete any user reviews based on factors like common sense, appropriateness, abusive language, relevance and legal aspects. In case of legal recourses being initiated owing to the user generated content, the liability lies solely with the user who posted objectionable content, and not with AUTOMOVILL
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